Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Little Monkey won tickets again this year from Radio Disney to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! Big Monkey ended up having to work, so I asked Little Monkey who he wanted to invite to go with us. His first pick was Mimi and his second pick was Uncle K. Uncle K ended up buying one more ticket so that Aunt S could come along too. She REALLY wanted to go.

We headed over to the park a little early because your party ticket (7pm-12midnight) can actually get you in starting at 4pm! We got to ride quite a few rides before the actual party began. Little Monkey loved having everyone come with us. This year, Little Monkette was tall enough to ride on the race cars. She LOVED it, so much so, we had to make her get out when it was over. Lucky for her we were able to go on the ride again later.

Little Monkette and Mimi on the race cars.

Just before the candy started flowing, we took a ride on the carousel. Little Monkette enjoy it as well. We had to wait awhile for the ride and she kept telling her horse to giddy up! Little Monkey liked it too and when the ride ended he was stuck WAY high in the air on his horse!

One Happy Cowboy! (and one blurry pic!)

Getting candy was one of the fun parts of the night. Little Monkey was very good about spotting the balloons that let us know where the candy was. We filled our bags up over the course of the evening, some even twice! (Little Monkey brought me his first full bag and said, “Mom can I dump this in your backpack so I can start over?” I let him and he was so excited.) He and Little Monkette loved eating the candy. Little Monkey was very good about trading out candy he knew he couldn’t have. After gathering quite a bit of candy, we had the kids pose for some pictures in their homemade costumes. It took some bribing for Little Monkette to wear her hat but Mimi did a great job offering her candy to wear it. She finally agreed and we got some good pictures. 🙂

My Jessie and Woody!

Thanks to a nice family, we managed to snag some great seats to watch the parade. It was so much fun to watch the parade through Little Monkette’s eyes. She loved it! She kept leaning under the rope to see what was coming next. I had to keep pulling her back to make sure she didn’t trip any of the performers! At the end of the parade they handed out Mickey head lollipops. Little Monkette immediately wanted to eat one. Since she still needed to wear her costume on Halloween, we changed her shirt in an effort to try and keep it clean (She had already gotten some candy mess on it!).

We rode a few more rides while waiting for the fireworks, including a second trip on the teacups! Both Little Monkey and Little Monkette loved it. I was so surprised!

She looks a little nervous but she was loving it!

We watched the fireworks from the bridge and then decided another ride or two might be in order to avoid the massive amounts of people that were leaving the park. Just before leaving the park, we waited to meet Buzz and take pictures with him. (We tried to take some pictures with Woody and Jessie at their dance party  but it wasn’t really happening.) We found our way back out of the park and to our cars. I was certain the kids would be out almost immediately from all the walking and craziness of the day. I was WRONG! They were awake all the way to Mimi’s house and then almost all the way home. I could hardly believe it. We got home around 11:30p and they went right to bed. Much to my amazement they both got up very easily in the morning to head to school.

Thanks again Radio Disney AM 990 for giving away tickets for the party (They have no clue I’m writing this…it was not a requirement of winning…We just wanted to tell you all about our fun time and say thanks!)


One Response to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

  1. Cheryl says:

    The costumes are even more darling on cute kids! 🙂

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