Quick Halloween Decorations

Yes, I know…Halloween has come and gone…but I wanted to share two quick decorations that we made this year. I am hoping to remember next year and save up some materials so we can make more.

Chug Ghost & Tub Jackolantern

The ghost was made from a milk chug container. I had gotten Little Monkette a Happy Meal at McDonalds one day with milk. She didn’t end up drinking it but we used it in cereal. I was about to toss the container into the recycling bin when I thought….this could be a cute little ghost! I washed it out, ripped off the label and grabbed a Sharpie. A little coloring and a piece of twine and we hung the ghost up outside. Next year I’d like to have a whole family of little ghosts!

The jackolantern was made from a large container that once held pretzels. Big Monkey bought the pretzels at BJs before going camping with his buddy. We finished up all the pretzel about a week before Halloween. Grammy and Pops had given the kids some Halloween gifts and there was this orange plastic type ’tissue’ paper inside the box. I removed the label from the pretzel jug, drew on the outside with a Sharpie and shoved the orange inside.

Quick fun Halloween decorations. No real cost to us since it was stuff we already had and both items were headed for the recycling bin. Now that Halloween is over…the ghost and jackolantern are off to the recycling center!


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