The Sweetest Little Monkey

Recently Little Monkey had to go back to the genetics doctor for his PKU checkup.  He did a great job, like most times, but this time he also talked quite a bit to the dietician, nurse and doctor. The nurse let him know that this time they had a big present for him (He has gotten gifts sometimes but they were usually happy meal type toys.) but that he had to get his blood work done first. He was up for it and did a great job, no tears or anything. Little Monkette watched and seem concerned but it all went well. Little Monkey grew….very little…but he grew. He is in the 10% now for height and 5% for weight. Hey-somebody has to be at the bottom of the spectrum! We are still waiting to hear back on his blood results but I’m sure they will be good!

Once he was all done, Nurse Laura went to get his special present. It was a big puppy pillow pet! Little Monkey was so excited!! (They also brought in two happy meal type toys for Little Monkette.) Little Monkey couldn’t believe it (Heck I could hardly believe it!). They told me that they had gotten some of these pillow pets in recently and checked the schedule to see who was coming in. They saw that Little Monkey would be in soon, so they saved one for him!

He told them all thank you but later in the week we wrote Nurse Laura a thank you note. I got out paper and a pen for Little Monkey and he would tell me what he wanted to write. I helped him spell out the words but he decided everything that he wanted to write.

Working hard on his letter

Here is the letter he wrote:


In case you can’t read what he wrote, it says: Nurse Laura- Thank you My dog is henry. I got henry a collar and a tag. Thank you for my dog.   Then he signed his name on the bottom right.

And yes…he really did get Henry a collar, leash and tag. We made him a tag from some craft foam and Little Monkey used his money to go to the Dollar Tree and buy him a collar and leash. He was asking and asking me to get him one but I told him that I didn’t have money to buy that. He insisted that I did but we made a deal that he could get Henry a collar and leash if he used his money, so he did.

I’ll have to get a picture for you of Henry….I don’t have one just yet somehow!


2 Responses to The Sweetest Little Monkey

  1. amypaul says:

    Love that sweet boy!

  2. malanyt says:

    That is so cute! Nice to meet you by the way, I’m 21 with Classic PKU have had a read throughyour blog, your kids are gorgeous 🙂

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