Christmas Card Display

Each year we have displayed our Christmas cards in a different way. One year we lined them all up on our bar counter top and another year we taped them onto our mirror in the dining room. This year I decided that I would make something to hang them from.

The red, yellow, green and blue streamers were still up from Little Monkette’s birthday party, so I decided we should probably take them down. I still had some streamers, so I headed over to the sewing machine with the red and green streamers. I used the same technique that I did with the streamers for Little Monkette’s party. Basically you make a long stitch on a very high top thread tension and it make them ruffle. After running together a LOT of streamers I decided there was enough.

I hung the streamers with a few twists in them on our mirror. I added a few curls of ribbon along both ends. To hang the Christmas cards, I just took some clothespins that I had on hand and colored them with a marker to make them red and green.

Our Christmas Card Display

I like how it turned out and added some festive color to the dining room. If you have sent us a Christmas card, you are up there somewhere! 🙂 I’m not sure how well the streamers may keep in the attic for a year, but I’m considering trying to store them. They don’t cost much time or money to make though, so I could make another set next year.


One Response to Christmas Card Display

  1. Cheryl says:

    This is super cute!

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