New Monkey Hat

About a week or so ago, Sew, Mama, Sew held its Giveaway Day. I entered quite a few, just hoping to get lucky enough to win one. Well, I ended up winning two! Yay! So far only one of my prizes has arrived but I’m excited to share it with you.

I won a Monkey Hat from Raven’s Rascals.

Here I am trying it on right after opening the mail. I am also wearing a new shirt I got from Uncle K and Aunt S for Christmas. It is very comfy.

Monkey Hat (and new shirt)

I was hoping the hat would bring with it some cooler weather (it was coming from WA) and lucky enough for me, it did. Today we headed out to run some errands and it was chilly out so everyone bundled up. Little Monkey decided that since I took a picture of the kids all bundled up, he should take a picture of me too! He made me pose in the same place they did.

Posing with my monkey hat!

I am loving my new monkey hat, though Big Monkey thinks it is quite silly. What does he know anyhow?!? 🙂

Go check out Raven’s Rascals. They are a Relay for Life Team and are raising money for the American Cancer Society.

Raven’s Rascals Relay for Life Team


3 Responses to New Monkey Hat

  1. amypaul says:

    I like your new shirt! Is that from the Gap?? I saw one like that at the Gap and loved it.

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