Four Seasons Towels

I found this idea on Pinterest–they were sold in an Etsy shop that is now closed until July.  I decided to use the photo as inspiration for my own set of towels.

Water4Christmas Etsy Shop 4 Seasons Towels

I did some free hand drawing (I’m not very good at that…) and cut out the trees from two different brown fabrics I had on hand. Then I picked out some fabrics to use for the leaves and just made an ovalish type shape. I ironed them onto the flour cloth towels I bought (Walmart $2 for 2 towels) and then stitched around the edges. I usually sew just about EVERYTHING with white thread but this time picked out colors closer to the fabrics I was using. These were all threads I had on hand too. My four seasons tree towels are similar to the ones I found on Pinterest but also a little bit different. I really like how they turned out.

Four Seasons Towels

As I was making them, I thought….I need to make myself a set of these! This set was given to my grandparents. My Grandma C really liked them and said that she didn’t want to use them, but just put them out for display. I assured her that they were meant to be used and could be washed and dried in the washer and dryer.


One Response to Four Seasons Towels

  1. Deana says:

    Oh wow, I love these! You should sell them in your shop. 🙂

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