I Love You Because

Before Christmas, my mom sent me a link to the picture below and said that she would like one but not with the bright red frame. I took that to mean that I should make her one for Christmas and make it go with her decor. She also sent it to my sister, so I let my sister know that I planned to make one that would go with the beach house’s decor in case she planned to make one too.

I ❤ you because....

I picked up a basic light brown frame and some island blue paint. I painted the frame with two coats of paint. I found the fabric in my fabric stash and had enough to use but only if I made it a vertical picture with horizontal stripes. I decided to use the stripes as the lines (Although it doesn’t look like I used them at all to line up the words because the words you and because don’t appear straight.) I wrapped the fabric around the inset part of the frame and glued it down on the back side.. I cut the vinyl in the cricut machine, using the flip feature. I applied the letters to the inside of the glass and lining up the letters with the lines of the fabric. I didn’t consider that the lines might not be perfectly level…because once I flipped the glass over to properly put it in the frame the words no longer lined up properly.

I love you because....

To finish off the gift, I got two dry erase markers for Mom and Dad to use to fill in the remainder of the sentence. I didn’t put a blank line for the remainder of the sentence, deciding that they could use the lines in the fabric for as many lines as they wanted.

I gave Mom and Dad the frame and markers at Christmas and they were happy with it. 🙂 And who knows…maybe we will add these to our inventory of Two Florida Girls when we do local shows.


6 Responses to I Love You Because

  1. sean r says:

    You are sooo creative it’s not funny.

  2. Love this! I have this pinned and want to make it as well! Great job! 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Such a cute idea!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    What an adorable idea!

  5. Mom says:

    Love mine!

  6. emilyjwilson says:

    Love this! Josh and I write notes to each other on the bathroom mirror but this is better!

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