Teddy Bear Biscuits

Little Monkey’s class makes different snacks each Friday as part of their lessons. The idea is to help them learn step by step directions and measuring. The only problem for Little Monkey is that he often can’t eat whatever them make because of his PKU. We came up with a plan with his teacher so that he could still participate and have a snack. At home on Thursday nights, we make a Little Monkey PKU diet approved snack that will be similar to what the other kids will be having. He takes it to school on Friday, makes the snack with the other kids and then eats the snack we made at home.

Today’s snack is Teddy Bear Biscuits made from refrigerated biscuits. Since that wasn’t an option for Little Monkey, I asked on the Cook for Love Facebook group what we could do. Turns out there is a Make ahead Biscuit recipe on the Cook for Love website. We got home late last night because we were helping some family members move, so Little Monkey didn’t get to help out in making this item at home.

Teddy Bear Biscuit!

Little Monkey loved it when he saw it this morning. The only problem was that when I moved it off the cooking sheet, the head and ears all became disconnected. 😦 Little Monkey wasn’t too sad about it. He understood how to put it back together for school. I am interested to see how he liked it and how much he ate. We put some cinnamon and sugar on top of it before baking, since the other kids were going to have cinnamon and sugar on theirs too.

The biscuit recipe was pretty easy to make and we also have other biscuits in the freezer ready to bake whenever Little Monkey might want some.


3 Responses to Teddy Bear Biscuits

  1. Very cute teddy bear biscuit! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. amypaul says:

    He told me tonight that he liked it. 🙂

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