Sweets Jar

Before Christmas, Uncle K sent me a message telling me that he had an idea of a gift for Aunt S but that he needed some help. He had done some looking online but couldn’t find what he was thinking of. He told me of his idea, a sweets jar, labeled for Aunt S. He asked if I could help him out with finding them or creating it. He said he would pay me for the work but I told him that we still needed to get Aunt S something else for Christmas, so we could make it and give it as our gift, if that was okay. He agreed. When she was about to open the gift, we gave a full disclosure that the idea was Uncle K’s idea but we were able to bring it to fruition.

Sarah's Sweets Jar

I found a handle of suitable jars at Old Time Pottery and asked Uncle K which size he thought was best. We finally settled on the one you see above. I would say it is probably a 20 oz or so sized jar. I used some vinyl we had on hand (the white and brown) and picked up some pink to add to it. I really wanted to do pink and lime green but I couldn’t find any green in the store. I used the cricut to cut out all the parts and applied them to the outside of the jar. To finish off the gift and get Aunt S started off right, we gave her two bags of mini m&m’s to put inside. Now whenever people come to visit her in her office, she will have a fun jar full of candy to share with them!

One Response to Sweets Jar

  1. K says:

    I was in her office a couple days after Christmas and the jar was already being put to good use!

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