Terrific Kid!

Little Monkey brought home his backpack the other week with all the usual papers inside. This time there was a special letter from his teacher, letting us know that she had picked Little Monkey as the Terrific Kid of the Month from her class! She let us know there would be a special award ceremony and we were invited to come. This week we headed into Little Monkey’s school to congratulate him on his award.

One student is chosen from each class, once per month, based on their positive attitude, good character and responsible citizenship. The Terrific Kids program is put on by the Kiwanis club.

Little Monkey high-fiving Dr Z (our Vet and member of the Kiwanis Club)

Little Monkey did a great job going up to get his award and the fun presents that came with it. He got a certificate, bumper sticker, Terrific Kid pencil, coupon for a free donut at Donut King, coupon for a free kid’s meal at Beef O’Brady’s and two coupons for free kid’s meals at Oakwood. (Too bad for Little Monkey that he can’t eat at any of those places! He was quite happy with the pencil and bumper sticker though!)

Little Monkey with his certificate

After all the kids got their awards, they posed for a group photo and then got to have juice and a cookie. Thankfully I knew there would be refreshments, so I brought a pumpkin muffin along for Little Monkey. He loved it and was glad to have a snack, even if it was different from everyone else. He didn’t seem to mind. Little Monkette had his cookie and juice. She was of course thrilled with the snack!

Yummy Cookie!

Great job Little Monkey! We are very proud of you!


3 Responses to Terrific Kid!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Way to go, Little Monkey!

  2. Holly says:

    he’s so terrific! 🙂 his sissy is cute too.

  3. bridget says:

    Hey thanks for stoping by my blog today and for your nice compliment!

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