Green Eggs & Ham

Yesterday was Dr. Suess’ birthday. To celebrate at school, Little Monkey’s class has been doing lots of Dr. Suess themed things all week. On Friday, the kids got to wear their pajamas to school. Little Monkey was very excited to wear his pajamas to school. I also found out that they were going to serve green eggs and ham to the kids in his class. As is usually the case, this snack was not something that Little Monkey could have. I had to come up with something for his special snack that was ‘green eggs and ham’ too. After a quick Pinterest search, I found a cute pretzel candy idea.

I tried to make a similar idea and tried using a homemade icing. The problem I had was that I couldn’t get the icing stiff enough to stay point. I gave up and grabbed a can of frosting and waited for Little Monkey to get home from school. He was excited to help me with the project. We decided that we would make enough of the snacks so that Little Monkey could share with his class and teachers.

Little Monkey laid out sets of pretzels and waited for me to add the pile of frosting. Once the frosting was added, Little Monkey added the mini m&m on top. We put all the sets back into the fridge to help them firm up. Little Monkey loved making them, eating them and sharing them with his friends!

Making Green Eggs & Ham

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!


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