Happy Birthday Little Monkey!

Birth Day

Somehow, six years have past since Little Monkey was born. We made some cookies last night for him to take to school and share with his friends for his birthday. I asked him, “How is it possible that you are going to be SIX tomorrow?” Little Monkey said, “Because God made us grow up and get bigger.” Sweet boy.

One Year Old

Two Years Old

Three Years Old

4 Years Old

Five Years Old

Yesterday I also had the chance to tell local radio listeners about my Little Monkey. Z Radio plays “The Family Name Game,” where they have a different name each day and if your child has that name as their first or middle name, you can call in for a chance to gush about them on the air. Little Monkey was at school, so he didn’t get to hear it when it aired. Pops managed to record the airing and sent it to me for Little Monkey to listen to. I don’t think he really understood it but hopefully he liked it. Also the radio station will be sending us a cd copy of the airing!

Happy Birthday Little Monkey!!!! I can’t believe you are already SIX!!!!


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