The Broken Finger

So we are those parents….you know the ones…..they let their kids get hurt, maybe even break a bone and don’t take them to the doctor for a week! Whoops!

Little Monkey and Big Monkey were out tossing the football a few weeks ago when Little Monkey went to catch the ball and it bent his pinky finger back. He said it hurt but kept playing. The next day it was a bit swollen and he said it hurt a little to hold his pencil at school. But he wasn’t really complaining about it. I kept meaning to have Big Monkey look at it….and kept forgetting. He looked at it one weekend when we were out camping, yup still swollen. Once we were back and it was still swollen, and had definitely been over a week since the injury, we took him in for an x-ray. (This was mostly to calm my motherly fears of it being broken as Big Monkey didn’t seem to think there was really much wrong with it or anything they could do if something was wrong.) Sure enough, it was broken. He got it buddy taped to his ring finger and referred to and Ortho to check up on it. The next day we saw the Ortho and they agreed it was broken. Treatment for his broken pinky finger was to keep it buddy taped to his ring finger and try not to fall on it/break it more. We went back this week for a check up and more x-rays. It is still broken but healing. Now we will continue to buddy tape it and go back for another x-ray in two weeks. Hopefully by then it will be healed up. Little Monkey doesn’t complain about it too much so it isn’t a huge deal at least.

So…we have our first broken bone…one part of his pinky finger. We are grateful it wasn’t more though he was kind of hoping for a cast! ๐Ÿ™‚


One Response to The Broken Finger

  1. Kelly says:

    Don’t worry! When my sister was around 5, she fell off of her bike and landed on her arm. She didn’t complain and it didn’t really swell up. A week later, we went camping and someone grabbed her arm while playing. My sister then started screaming. After we got back, they took her to the doctor, realized it was a healing fractured and had to re-break it! A little pinky will be just fine! ๐Ÿ™‚

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