Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 1

It is that time again!! Teacher Appreciation Week! Sorry I didn’t get these up sooner to help you with ideas for your teacher but there are tons of ideas out there! Our PTA sent home an idea sheet for something to send in each day:
Monday-A hand written note/card by the parent or student
Tuesday-Flowers, real or fake
Wednesday-A baked good, store bought or homemade
Thursday- Teacher’s favorite candy
Friday-Anything special you want to send in
I decided to work with the ideas and try to send something that corresponded each day.

Day 1 Little Monkey made a hand written note for his teacher. He also designed and colored the picture on the front.

Front of the card-Little Monkey and his teacher

Inside of card

(Edited to add: I went in to Little Monkey’s classroom near the end of the school year to help with craft day and found this card still taped on his teacher’s door!)

Check back later this week for more of our Teacher Appreciation gifts! 🙂

Need some ideas before then? Check out the posts of what we did last year for Little Monkey’s PreK teachers!

Day 1- S’mores
Day 2- Popcorn, Water, Notepad and Pencils
Day 3- Crayon Picture Frame with Quote
Day 4- Fabric Bookmarks
Day 5- Magnetic Memo Boards


One Response to Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 1

  1. Thanks for your comment on our blog…so glad to know someone else who has had another child after having one with PKU! Also…your teacher appreciation ideas are great!!! 🙂

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