Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 5

For Friday, it was suggested that you send in anything special for the teacher that you wanted to. Little Monkey’s class was going on a field trip so I thought a nice refreshing treat after the field trip would be great. Thanks to sending in our teacher questionnaire at the beginning of school, we knew that Little Monkey’s teacher’s favorite drink was a Slurpee! Not an answer I was expecting to see on the paper, but a fun one for sure! We picked up a $5 gift card to 7-11 and attached it to the straw of an empty Slurpee cup. Little Monkey also picked out some flowers for his teacher to put in her pencil vase from the first day of school. (She has kept it at school all year and we have sent in flowers three times now to fill it.)

Once again I forgot to get a picture of Little Monkey with his presents. He had to be at school an hour early to go on the field trip, so we were a little pressed for time! The week after Teacher Appreciation Week, Little Monkey received a very nice handwritten letter from his teacher thanking him for all of his very thoughtful gifts during the week.


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