Giveaway Winner—Me!

Recently I entered a blog giveaway at Yours Truly. Anna makes some super cute cards and she was giving away a set of her new card design, a flamingo! The flamingo is so cute and screamed, “Florida  Summer,” to me. In the end, I won the giveaway! I was excited to find a cute package arrive in my mail one day. Anna wrapped the cards up nicely and her handwriting on my package was fun. I haven’t decided who will be the recipient of these cards yet. Part of me wants to save them as a gift and part of me wants to sit down and write a bunch of cards and mail them. Don’t you like getting mail? Well, at least mail that isn’t a bill?

Cute flamingo cards

Check out Anna’s shop for lots of other fun cards and prints that she has available. I bought some of her Grateful cards at a Homespun Chic Marketplace show once. Every time I give one of those cards, the person responds with how much they love the card!


One Response to Giveaway Winner—Me!

  1. Anna P. says:

    Hey there Kati! I’m so thrilled that you love the cards 🙂 Love your blog… keep it up!

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