Book Review: Dick Van Dyke

My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business

It has been a while since I actually read this book, but I did read it! I got a bit behind on posting my book reviews (and any other kind of post!).

But I did read Dick Van Dyke’s book, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business and it was great. In fact, after reading it, I put many of his DVDs on hold at the library so I could watch his show. The way the show was written made the dialogue funny no matter what year it was. There aren’t references to things happening in the world, it is just comedy that works any year that you watch it in. I’d say that is pretty good writing!

Enough about the show though, the book was a pretty quick read and it was cool to see how Van Dyke made his way through his career in entertainment.

I wish I could recall more details from the book but it has been about five months and another five or six books since I read this one! If you like biographies, funny stories or Dick Van Dyke, I’d recommend the book to you. I own it, so if you want to borrow it, I’ll put you on the list! (Right now it is loaned out!)


One Response to Book Review: Dick Van Dyke

  1. Anna P says:

    I love watching the Dick Van Dyke Show on MMeTV. I didn’t even know he had a biography! Thanks for the rec 🙂 heading by the library after work today!

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