Working Out!

Back in May, we started going to a gym and did the Advocare 24 day Challenge. It was hard work but it has been worth it. During the 24 days of the challenge I only lost 3.5 pounds but I gained 6 pounds of muscle! I was hoping for a bigger loss on the scale but building of muscle is great. Since the 24 day Challenge, I’ve been keeping up at the gym (except for the month of July) and have lost a total of 12 pounds since starting in May! I took pictures of my journey along the way, because I wanted to SEE that there was a difference. I wasn’t planning to post my pictures online but it has inspired some of my Facebook friends so I figure why not!

Results you can SEE!

It has been tough at the gym but so worth it! I’ve gotten much stronger and thinner in the process! In the beginning, I was lucky if I could do a push up or two. In fact, I often got called out, “This is not yoga class! That is a downward dog NOT a push up!” I would laugh and just keep trying. Now, I can do many more push ups! When I started working out, it was tough but now I actually feel good, sometimes even great, after working out. I’m not counting every calorie but I am watching what I eat. Thankfully working out allows me to indulge sometimes when I want to! It is so nice to fit into clothes that haven’t fit in a really long time!

I’m hoping to be able to post another picture in a few more months with even more pounds lost and more muscle gained!!!


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