The Letter Z

February 25, 2008

I’m stuck on the letter Z but decided that I just need to get it out of the way! 🙂 So here goes:

Zoo: I like the zoo and we got to take little monkey to the zoo a few months back. It was to the Tampa Zoo. Little monkey’s Dad and I actually didn’t end up seeing much of the zoo, but little monkey got to check it out with his Pops, Grammy, Grandpa and Mimi. From this pictures I saw, it appeared that he had a great time. He was also asleep in the car within about five minutes of leaving the zoo! Little monkey’s Dad and I went to a meeting for families and people living with PKU. It was very informative and helpful to us to attend. I hope one day to take little monkey back to the zoo, so we can experience it with him.

Zayre’s: Do you remember this store? I have a vague remembrance of it. It used to be very close to the home we grew up in but now the land is an on ramp to a toll road. When I was younger, Zayre’s went out of business and everything was being sold really cheap just to get rid of it. My mom took us to the store and we walked around looking to see if there was anything we wanted to buy. I found some Pound Puppies (which of course were cool then…and apparently are becoming cool again). I ended up buying one Pound Puppy (I believe he was a larger grey one…possibly the one we found while cleaning out the storage unit at my parents house.).

The Letter U

February 20, 2008

As previously noted, this blog was ready to go last week, but events that I thought were going to happen, had not. They have now occurred and therefore I am going to go ahead and release The Letter U.

USAA: Our bank…at first when little monkey’s dad said he wanted to keep them as his bank, I was a little concerned. Where we live there is not a local branch and the closest one is hours away. All of our deposits are mailed in to the bank in Texas. The down side, no depositing cash and there are restrictions to join. The upside…there are many. They have amazing customer service, great online banking, you can use any ATM and as long as it is within their limits they will pay you back the fees that any other bank ATM. They also have great insurance prices. They also have staff available for free to help you with things like travel arrangements and deals. We used them to book our upcoming cruise. All of this to say, while I was worried about not having a bank I could walk into and talk to someone, I am thrilled with using their bank and all available services.

Union: This is a new one for me. Little monkey’s dad and his fellow firefighters just went union. There were many reasons to do so and hopefully going union will pay off in the end. As I am typing this, I am under the understanding that the Chief and the city have yet to find out that this has occurred. The guys should have their completed paperwork from the state tomorrow and will be presenting it to them on during the day. (At least that is the current plan.) So anyhow…we’ll see what good becomes of the union once it is in place. We are hoping for better benefits.

Universal: Not quite as cool as Disney…but they do have some pretty cool roller coasters. I think Disney is more for the younger crowd (kids) and the older crowd (who grew up with Disney long ago), while Universal is for the teens-thirties crowd. I’m sure Universal will not like my target group because they want to appeal to all people, but oh well. Most little kids either can’t or won’t go on the roller coasters because they are too small or too scared. But teens think they are invincible and are willing to do just about anything. Anyhow…we’re getting off topic I’m sure. I do like Universal but I would likely prefer to spend my day at Disney instead.

The Letter Y

February 18, 2008

Yogurt: Lately we have been on a yogurt kick at our house. Little monkey’s dad with eat the fruity kinds, while I’ll only eat vanilla or the Whips kinds. Usually I’m buying the yogurt in 6-10 container increments. It doesn’t seem to take too long to get through those either. Thankfully (not that they are THAT expensive) they go on sale quite regularly between the acceptable grocery stores.

Yahoo: Did you just sing it??  Yaaa  hooo!  🙂 Crazy commercial…but I’m sure everyone remembered the item they were advertising by it. I use Yahoo for my email and I also am a part of a few Yahoo groups. Sometimes, when I’m trying to stay awake and I am bored waiting for the kids’ mom to get here, I will play some Yahoo games. These days it is usually just the crossword puzzles, which I’m not that great at, but I used to play some of the other games too.

Yellow: Probably the least flattering color for ANYONE. I say this even though I do have a yellow shirt or two in my closet as we speak. But really yellow just isn’t that flattering. It’s good for daisies but not really for people.

Yankee Candle: While most often I do think Yankee Candle is over priced, I don’t mind getting it as a gift or with a great coupon. A year ago, maybe more, little monkey’s dad got me a tart warmer. I do not use it as often as I should but I do enjoy it when I do. If I could just remember to plug it in and replace the tarts every once in a while I’d be doing good! Some of my favorite scents: Buttercream, Christmas Cookie, Clean Cotton, Cranberry Chutney, Sparkling Vanilla, Sweet Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake. Anyone see a trend here?? Most of my favorites are food related and even more sweets related!

The Letter X

February 18, 2008

Xylophone: Little monkey got a xylophone for Christmas from his Great Grandparents. He loves it. Of course he seems to love anything musical and has now figured out how his slide whistle works. He enjoys all of his music toys and likes banging on the xylophone. Sometimes I wish we didn’t tell people he wanted musical instruments for Christmas. At least he doesn’t have a drum set.

X-Rays: I cannot even tell you how many x-rays I have likely had in my life time. It is a lot. For instance, when I broke my upper jaw bone, I had tons of x-rays done. I’ve also spent plenty of time in and out of dentist offices; visits which often include x-rays. I recall also in elementary school that I complained that my back was hurting a lot and well it was. Eventually though we went and had an x-ray done only to be told that I was growing.

xavierenigma’s white dwarf: Do NOT click on that link unless you have time to waste. Someone sent me this game and it is a huge time waster. The idea of the game is to run around and collect the green dots. To earn points, you then want to run into a blue dot. The more green dots you have when you hit the blue dot, the higher point value it will be worth. The harder you run into a green dot, the closer to the center it will become attached. If you just bump into the dots gently, then they just barely cling onto the other ones. If you run into a red dot, you lose points (more if you have lots of green dots) and the game is over. So if you have time to waste, and lots of it, go ahead and play away!

The Letter W

February 16, 2008

WildCam Africa: This is a site that someone posted on another site I frequent and I think it is pretty cool. It isn’t always live as they say it is but it is still cool. There are elephants, birds, monkey, zebras, and other wildlife. Check it out sometime.

L   /JXQ;/;;  <====This is what happens when little monkey tries to type! Maybe we should call this part WRITING: I don’t know that I’ve ever thoroughly enjoyed writing but here I am doing it anyhow! I’m hoping that little monkey will learn to write and actually like it. It’s kinda hard to believe that I have spent as much time writing these posts as I have and someone out there is reading them and actually enjoying them. Maybe you aren’t enjoying them, maybe its the worst part of your day (if this is the case…why do you even bother coming?), hopefully you are enjoying it or getting some insight or something.

Winter Garden: Where we live, there isn’t much…okay there is more than some smaller towns but still…not much. Winter Garden is about 20 min from us (by toll road) and recently they opened Winter Garden Village at Fowler Groves. It is not 100% finished yet but so far, so good. They have MANY stores, most of which we do not have in our town. We do have a Lowe’s and a SuperTarget but that’s really it. Maybe a couple of the restaurants too but seriously we don’t have much. I really like going there, better without Little Monkey though since things are so spread out. I haven’t visited any of the smaller shops in the front section yet either because most of them haven’t been open. Hopefully soon everything will be done and all the shops and restaurants will be open and it will be an even nicer place to spend the afternoon. Although you can’t stay too late in the afternoon because getting back to our town is a mess with everyone commuting home from work in Orlando and Kissimmee.

The Letter V

February 14, 2008

Vacuum: I recently bought myself a new vacuum. I bought the Dyson DC 14 Drive on clearance at Target. They are expensive vacuums but I have only heard good things about them. We’ve had our old vacuum almost five years now and it is definitely past its prime and then some. I brought home the Dyson and left it in the box for two days before taking it out. I was afraid I would have buyer’s remorse from spending that much money on a vacuum. I actually only had to pay $28 for it, after Christmas money, leftover vacation money, and gift cards I had. So yes I did spend more than $28 but the other money came from other people. So far it is very well spent money. Our carpet looked horrible and appeared to be needing replacement. Our living room still does because of the stain marks it has (Anyone have some great idea to get out old stains that wouldn’t come out in the first place or that were here when we moved in?). The other rooms look practically new again. The Dyson did an amazing job at lifting the carpet back up to where it belonged and pulling out all kinds of dirt/dust I didn’t want to know was there! The carpet feels really nice now when we are barefoot, you can tell a difference. Hopefully everything they say about this vacuum is true and we’ll have it for a long time to come, longer than the last one!

Vision: I was the last person in my family (Mom, Dad, and Sister) to get glasses. I probably needed them awhile before I got them but I never noticed. The summer before my senior year of college, I took a class at UCF as a transient student. It was biology and we met in this huge auditorium. There were well over 100 students in the class. The professor said we were lucky to have such a small class for a general education course. This was surprising to me because the most students my classes had were about 30. The class was a lecture class with notes on PowerPoint. I sat in the second row and still had problems reading the words without them being fuzzy. Come to find out, yes I did need glasses and so now I’ve had glasses for almost six years. I asked about getting contacts but was told that since I have astigmatism, it’s not the best idea. Even though they now have special contacts for astigmatism, my eye doctor says that they still aren’t the best thing because they can turn while they are floating around in your eye and that makes things go blurry. So for now, I’m stuck with glasses until I can afford and decide to actually have LASIK done.

Vegetables: I only like a few vegetables. I like raw broccoli, corn, green beans, peas in the silver can, celery, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes (but that’s really a fruit). That’s all I can come up with at the moment that I do like. Little monkey has no choice but to like vegetables and so far he’s doing okay. He will only eat carrots, sweet potatoes and squash as baby food so far. He will eat corn and potatoes. He mostly prefers fruits though. I’m hopeful we will get him to come around and try out some more veggies and like them (of course since I don’t like them I don’t know how much hope there really is!).

The Letter U

February 14, 2008

I have written the Letter U post already….however I am currently unable to post it because of some time sensitive information in it. I’m sure that has your curiosity up…but you’ll just have to wait. I had expected the events to take place earlier today but that didn’t happen. As soon as I am able to go ahead with that post, I will add it in.