My Take: Kindle Case

July 14, 2012

A while ago, how long is a while anyhow, maybe close to a year ago even….my friend Holly asked me to make her a case for her Kindle. I pinned several ideas on Pinterest and let her see. She said she trusted me to just make something for her that would work. I have been borrowing my Grandma’s Kindle so I was able to check the measurements and see that it fits well. I decided to go with the tutorial for the kindle sleeve below that I found at Johnny In A Dress.

Johnny In A Dress’ Kindle Case

Since it is summer, I picked out some fun bright colors and followed the tutorial. I really like how it came out and it was pretty easy to make. The tutorial has you make to separate pouches and then connect them. I think I could also use our method of making gadget cozies and it would have worked out faster. I also used a hair tie for the elastic this time (following the tutorial) but it was very hard to sew over with my machine.

Finished case

It isn’t perfect but I’m pretty sure Holly will still love it. I liked being able to finally sew something simply because I had the time and I wanted to do it. 🙂 Usually I”m sewing shop orders so this was a nice change of pace!

A peek inside!

And who knows…maybe we’ll make some more of these to add to the shop…if I get the urge to just sew something because I want to! I hope Holly does like it and will forgive my taking forever it get it done!


Our Take: Sponge Balls

June 13, 2012

I’d seen this idea on Pinterest and thought it could be fun to make with Little Monkey. This weekend he will be having two friends spend the night so I thought it would be the perfect time to try it out. We decided a test run was in order to make sure we had it figured out. I looked at two different tutorials and then we did what worked best for us. I did find 12 packs of sponges at Walgreens for $2.99. The scissors and twine we had on hand. I’m also thinking fishing line might work well but I couldn’t find any tonight.

Supplies for Sponge Balls

First we cut the sponges in half long ways and then in half again, making four pieces out of each sponge. One blog had used 16 pieces of sponge to make their ball and the other used just 8. I thought we’d try with 12 to start.

First try…..

When we went to tie the twine around them, it didn’t really work out very well. So we decided to back down to 8 pieces.

Second try…..

The next step is to take a little bit of twine and tie a super tight knot right around the center of the stack. Make a double knot (or heck even a triple knot if you want) and then check out your new sponge ball.

Finished and ready for testing!

You can move the sponge pieces around a little bit to make the ball shape a little better. We took the sponge ball out to the pool and filled it up with water. To show Little Monkey how it worked, we tossed it over to the deck where water came gushing out. Little Monkey thought it was great! I can’t wait to make more when the boys come over this weekend. I think we’ll play with them in the pool and see if we can make up some crazy games to play too!

Ready to Meet Little Brother!

April 5, 2012

When a friend of mine found out that she was having a little boy this time around, she called me and asked if I could make new shirts for the girls. You may recall this set of onesies I made for her girls before baby girl two came along. Of course I accepted and we talked about what she wanted. We found the blue shirts at Wal-mart and then she picked out the fabric to go with it.

Little boy tried to come early on her and she posted on her Facebook page about being in the hospital with contractions. I told him that he wasn’t allowed to come yet because I hadn’t finished the shirts yet and I was out of town!! Lucky for me, he listened! It was probably a good thing too because he was going to be a bit early. When I got back home, I got to work on the shirts for his big sisters and the onesie for him.

Big Sister Shirts and Little Brother Onesie

They all turned out great and their momma loves them. So now baby boy can feel free to show up anytime. And by now I’m sure his mom would be thrilled! Can’t wait to meet the new little addition and see everybody in their matching shirts!


Warrior Dash Weekend

April 3, 2012

This past weekend we went camping…and ran the Warrior Dash! First we got to camp a day before the race and explored a little bit.

Hanging out with Big Monkey along the Suwannee River.

We found the river and the one geocache in the park. There are lots of trails and we were a bit sad that there was only one cache to find. (If we lived closer, we’d add some more caches to the park.)

Saturday morning we got up and moving to head over to the race. We were in the second wave (10:30) but wanted to get there early enough to get checked in and get our stuff back to the car. On our drive down it was POURING rain. We got to check in and it started to clear up, but we were already soaked.

Our 'Before' shot...not actually dirty yet, but soaking wet from the downpour!

We had a little bit of time to just hang out, use the porta potty farm and get ready for the fun. It had stopped raining until just before our wave was going to start and then the clouds opened up again and POURED. The clock counted down and the flames went off and our group started moving towards the starting line. I wasn’t too concerned with the rain…it just seemed like another obstacle. The only problem with the pouring rain was that it just kept making my glasses hard to see out of! We went through a trail in the trees and it was quite tight getting everybody through so we were just crawling along for parts of it. The pouring rain and the loud thunder and bright lightning was an interesting additional mix to the course. People were hollering and running faster because of the lightning. I told the people around me that God was just taking a picture of the event. 🙂 I think that’s what I was trying to convince myself so I wouldn’t be concerned with being a forest with all that lightning going on!

Once we got through the trail part of the run, things spread out a bit more and we made our way to the obstacles. I had been concerned mostly with the obstacles over the run but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. When I was about halfway through the race, I missed a section of the run because I was following everyone in front of me…who also missed it. We saw a big arrow and headed the way it said, then we noticed people were joining us and we could see obstacles we hadn’t done. By the time we figured out we had completely missed something it was too far to try and get back to it. Plus we were being told that the obstacles had been closed because a girl broke her ankle going down the fireman pole. (This turned out to be half true. A girl did break her ankle, but they didn’t close the obstacles completely.) I am sad I missed some of the obstacles but hopefully we’ll do the race again sometime and I’ll be sure to get to everything.

When I came down the a-frame cargo net, I noticed my friends D, M and N going up it. Then I really knew I missed a lot…because for me to catch up to them was impossible in the real world. We all finished up by jumping over the fire and going into the mud pit. It was a LOT of fun and I would do it again.

The 'After' Shot! Muddy and wet but happy!

When we finished the race, we grabbed some water and granola and watched for the other people in our group to finish too. Once everybody was done, we got in line to take our picture with the cool set up Warrior Dash had provided for a great photo op.

Almost everyone in our group. D got cut out of my picture....sorry D!

Part of our group decided to stick around for the party for a bit while the others hung out for a little while before heading back to camp to clean up. Every one (of age) gets a free beer for turning in their timing chip (Great idea to get their timing chips back!) so we turned in our chips for some beer. In addition to our free beer, we all got a medal for finishing, a t-shirt and a fuzzy warrior helmet! We went to the car to put on dry, cleaner clothing and got our chairs so we could hang out and enjoy the event. It was crazy! People watching at its finest level…I cannot even begin to explain it! Big Monkey and I shared a big turkey leg for lunch. The waves were getting close to being done and the awards ceremony and costume and beard contests were going to be starting in a little while when the skies opened up again. We decided that was enough for us and we packed it up and headed back to camp. I wish we had tracked the distance from the car to the event and back. We made that walk at least three times and it was quite a walk!

Once we got back to camp, we got cleaned up and just hung out, enjoying everyone’s company. It was nice that Big Monkey and I didn’t have to worry about dogs or kids like we normally do (Thanks GrandMom for watching all of them!). We just relaxed and had a great time.

Here’s the short of the Warrior Dash Experience-

  • The folks who put the event on-Red Frog Events-know what they are doing. I was impressed with how well everything went.
  • The only suggestion I have would be to make the waves every 15 minutes with half as many people. That might help with the bottleneck in the trail section and the time spent waiting for the people in front of you to do an obstacle. (I don’t know that my idea would solve those problems though.)
  • We had a great time and would do the race again. Even with the rain and lightning!

If you are interested in knowing more about Warrior Dash, check them out here! There are no more Florida races this year but plenty of races in other states and even other countries! (Oh and they don’t know I’m writing this…I’m just letting you know about our experience!)

Lobster Love!

March 14, 2012

I have this friend….and he has this sister….who is now also my friend. Funny, I’ve known her, at least of her, for a long time, but we’ve never really hung out or chatted. She lives clear across the country, but thanks to blogs and a few (just a few) similarities, we are now real life friends too. She has this great husband and amazing little girl. They came to visit their family and invited us to come hang out with them while they were here. They took us with them to Animal Kingdom. The littles loved it. My Little Monkey and Little Monkette became fast friends with her little one. Little Monkey has asked if we can go to her house (I showed him a map and told him, maybe one day.).

I had planned to make her little one a dress earlier in the year and mail it, but it never got done…so I made it my mission to have it done by the time they got here for their visit. I also wanted to make something for her Momma K, which meant I couldn’t leave her Daddy C out either! But what on earth do you sew for a grown man?!?! I decided on a bowtie. K and C are eclectic and it is so fun (I hope you know I do mean this in a good way!). I thought Daddy C would love a fun bowtie. (Thankfully I was right, though he did have to learn how to tie it!) I made a matching headband for Momma K.

Sweet Love!

I made the little one a pillowcase dress and a headband to share with Momma K. I love how everything turned out and that they loved the gifts as well. (In fact, Momma K has asked for more headbands! I better get on that!)

Thanks to Momma K and Daddy C and little one for letting us hang out with you while you were here! I wish you lived here so we could hang out more often!!

Little Monkey, Goofy and Little Monkette

Cookie Decorating Day

December 30, 2011

At the beginning of December, Little Monkey had some friends over to have a cookie decorating day. We met one of the other families at a PKU event and another family online through Facebook. Turns out one of the families lives about 15 minutes down the road from us. We were very excited to all get together and decorate cookies and let the kids play.

We talked to our dietician and she was able to get us connected to a person at Cambrooke who generously sent us some wheat starch that we need to make the cookies. Wheat starch is the one odd ball ingredient in the cookie recipe and it isn’t cheap. We were thrilled that Cambrooke was happy to send us some for our little party.

Before the party we cooked up a bunch of cookies, decorated for Christmas and made aprons for each little guest. We also planned to make some cookies once the guests arrived so that we could show them the recipe. Little Monkey decided that we needed a sign in the yard so that people would know where to park. Mimi tried to convince him that wasn’t necessary but he wouldn’t give up. They ended up making a sign and putting it on the back of my car. While making that sign, they also made two signs for the door. Little Monkey did all the writing and then hung them up. Apparently this special animal tape was all he could find.

Welcome! 🙂

We set up two tables for cookie decorating but ended up only needing one. We used the other to collect all the finished cookies. We laid out all the aprons for the guests, but Little Monkey decided that just their first initial wouldn’t be enough. So he labeled each apron with their names too!

Appliqued aprons for the guests.

Once all the little chefs arrived, we had some pku friendly foods for everybody to eat. Once their bellies were filled up on good stuff, we got to the fun part! We pulled out all the cookies and lots of icing and some phe free decorations and let the kids go at it. It was a fun crazy time with lots of icing covered fingers and candies and cookies being eaten.

Concentrating on decorating cookies!

Even Little Monkette had fun decorating cookies (and eating them).

As cookies were decorated, we moved them over to the other table to make room for more decorating. Each family had their own section and we filled up some cute storage buckets with all their creations and more undecorated cookies to take home. We’ve been enjoying snacking on our cookies for most of the month. Amazingly, the cookies keep pretty well. We also took a plate of cookies to Little Monkey’s nurse and deitician. They shared the cookies with the office and everyone was surprised at how yummy the cookies tasted. (Lo pro foods have a bad rep for not tasting too great.)

A small collection of the decorated cookies!

A great time was had by everyone and we hope to have another cooking day in the new year. Our deitician has also asked us to consider putting together an event for our entire clinic (pku patients and families) next year. By the time Christmas comes around, the new Nemours Hospital should be open and they are going to have a big teaching kitchen that we could use to hold our event!


The Trampoline

October 11, 2011

Back in August, Big Monkey texted me saying, “Hey, do we want a trampoline?” My first thought was no. I didn’t know where we would really put it and if it would be a good idea with Little Monkey and Little Monkette. Then I asked, “How much?” I was surprised when Big Monkey told me it was free, we just had to pick it up. His friend had it at his house and didn’t want it any more.  Does he know me well or what!?!?! I’m all about free stuff and knew the kids would love it since they loved going to the trampoline place. I gave in and we got it.

The kids ask to jump almost every day. It is great for getting some extra energy out of them too! I am surprised by how much Little Monkette loves it but she thinks it is so fun! We have to give the kids separate times to jump but they are pretty good about sharing it.

Little Monkette jumping


Little Monkey jumping

Thanks to friends for thinking of us! We love using your old toys! 🙂 (Especially FREE ones!!!)