Little Monkey turns TWO!

March 7, 2008

Today is Little Monkey’s second birthday. I guess technically it is his third birthday, but he is only two years old. Little Monkey was born at 10:47pm. He weighed six pounds, seven ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. This week we went in to the geneticist for a routine check up and they measured him again. This week he weighed 24 pounds, 12.8 ounces and was two feet, 8.52 inches tall (They seem to measure pretty exact there!). It is amazing to me that he was ever that small in the first place!

Little Monkey is having a few different get togethers for his birthday. We opted not to have a birthday party with all his little friends, as I was just no feeling up to doing it. I did find out, however, that our playgroup was going to throw him a surprise party during playgroup today. The only thing was we didn’t end up having playgroup because most people were sick or couldn’t come! I will be making cupcakes to take to church for his class on Sunday. Although the more I think about it, I might just do cookies. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s appetite right before lunch! We are having Big Monkey’s family over on Sunday afternoon to celebrate. We will have dinner and cake. Nothing major, just getting together and hanging out. Next weekend, we will go over to my parents’ house to hang out, eat, have cake and the like. I am hoping that next weekend we will also get to go to Build A Bear to “build” Little Monkey’s birthday present from us. (Okay….ONE of Little Monkey’s birthday presents from us!) He is getting an Elmo to “build” and he even has a sound box in him! I hope he likes him. I imagine he will, as he pretty much LOVES Elmo. I also got him some new puzzles, which I think I will save to take out one at a time later on. And we got him another Elmo, the T.M.X. Elmo, eXtra special edition. I bought him after Christmas at Target during the big toy clearance!

Today I am babysitting and when the kids came over, they brought Little Monkey presents. He was very excited and was thrilled to open them. Although he was a VERY slow paper-puller-offer. They gave him two new board puzzles and some Thomas the train stuff. He got James at Boulder Mountain, Salty, and Dennis. All of the trains run on batteries around the track. Frog was probably more excited than Little Monkey about his presents. We of course opened everything right up and got it put together. The boys played with it for awhile, but I got tired of putting the trains back on the track right so we took a break.

Little Monkey also got some mail today. Three cards came in the mail! He got one Mickey Mouse card from his Grammy and Pops. When you open it, Mickey Mouse talks to you, so of course he has been carrying it around all day opening and closing it! He also got a card from his Great Aunt Janet. It included a check which I will be promptly sending off to Little Monkey’s savings account. He also got a birthday card from a church we went to for a little while when we first moved out here. I want to share with you what the card said.

Dear Little Monkey- (Okay it didn’t say Monkey but it did say little!)

We at the Bible Fellowship class @ said church, want to wish you a very, happy birthday, even though you may not be in our “toddler” class, now that you are Two whole years old!!!

I think we’ll miss having you with us, but hope to see you there anyway! Blessing on you, little guy!

Love-Names of teachers of this class

Now I share with you the contents of the letter because we have not been to that church in well over eight months, if not more. So while it is nice for them to wish him a happy birthday, they don’t seem to know that they haven’t even seen him in so long. I just found it interesting.

That is all the birthday festivities I have to report so far. I’m sure after our gatherings, we will have even more to write about. Happy Birthday Little Monkey!!!!

Next time, I’ll break your neck…

February 20, 2008

Not the words I want to hear coming from little monkey’s bedroom today (or any day for that matter). I was babysitting the two kids that I watch during the week and little monkey and the little boy (we’ll call him frog) were playing in his room. I go to see what on Earth could be going on. Little monkey was sitting in a chair at his table and frog was waving a blanket around in the air and says AGAIN to little monkey….and next time I’ll break your neck. I went into the room and explained how that is not a nice thing to say and I did not want to hear it again. I can see it now…little monkey goes to church and tells a kid…and next time, I’ll break your neck…. Yeah…that’s not going to go over well! Little Monkey’s Dad says, “Well you know where that comes from….” But seriously…even jokingly…why would you say that to your kids? Oh the joys of watching other people’s children…who definitely have a different home life than around here.