Working Out!

August 13, 2012

Back in May, we started going to a gym and did the Advocare 24 day Challenge. It was hard work but it has been worth it. During the 24 days of the challenge I only lost 3.5 pounds but I gained 6 pounds of muscle! I was hoping for a bigger loss on the scale but building of muscle is great. Since the 24 day Challenge, I’ve been keeping up at the gym (except for the month of July) and have lost a total of 12 pounds since starting in May! I took pictures of my journey along the way, because I wanted to SEE that there was a difference. I wasn’t planning to post my pictures online but it has inspired some of my Facebook friends so I figure why not!

Results you can SEE!

It has been tough at the gym but so worth it! I’ve gotten much stronger and thinner in the process! In the beginning, I was lucky if I could do a push up or two. In fact, I often got called out, “This is not yoga class! That is a downward dog NOT a push up!” I would laugh and just keep trying. Now, I can do many more push ups! When I started working out, it was tough but now I actually feel good, sometimes even great, after working out. I’m not counting every calorie but I am watching what I eat. Thankfully working out allows me to indulge sometimes when I want to! It is so nice to fit into clothes that haven’t fit in a really long time!

I’m hoping to be able to post another picture in a few more months with even more pounds lost and more muscle gained!!!

My Take: T-shirt to Workout Tank

June 20, 2012

Another idea I saw floating around on Pinterest and finally tried out myself: The T-shirt to Workout Tank

DIY Tank Top T-shirt Makeover

This morning I was trying to find something to wear to the gym and I decided to try this out real quick. It was quick too! Just a few cuts with the scissors and I turned an oversized t-shirt of Big Monkey’s into a workout tank for me. This project was FREE thanks to using a t-shirt from our stash of shirts! Since it was so quick and I was needing to finish getting the littles ready to go, I didn’t take any before or during photos. And the after photos were done on my phone by Little Monkey, after working out.

My Workout Tank

Back of the workout tank. The only problem I found with this workout tank was the knot in the back. It is fine, until you try and do sit ups! 🙂

Want to make your own? Check out Dollar, Sense & More for the tutorial!

Working Out Again-

August 27, 2010

Since I know Bob will appreciate this at least, I will post it! 🙂

I have decided that I need to try and do more working out (okay, I need to actually work out). I have at least 20lbs that I need to lose from having Little Monkette. Since Little Monkey is now in school and Little Monkette naps during that time, I am trying to use that time to do at least 30 minutes of working out.

Wednesday I did 30 minutes on the WiiFit. I realize that some people think WiiFit isn’t that much of a work out but I did two sets of advanced step (10 minutes total) and then 10 minutes of straight stepping. I did 10 more minutes of push ups and other strength training exercises.

Today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. The goal is try to and do it as many times as I can Monday through Friday. I am contemplating another 5k with Amy, but she of course will smoke my time (not that I really care about that part). I am currently in NO shape to run a 5k so time to also work on that too.

You can keep me on track and make sure that I am doing something each day. 🙂

The Big Race!

March 6, 2010

Today is the race that I’ve been training for. I could have/should have trained better but hopefully all will go well. In fact, by the time you are reading this, the race will be over. Possibly LONG over depending on when you read my blog! I hope to have another post later today with pictures if I have the chance. Little Monkey will have also run in his race today too. Hopefully he did well too.

It’s Been Almost A Week

November 19, 2009

So, I noticed today that I haven’t written in almost a week! (Not even a lame post letting you know about free rentals-speaking of which, I will have another one of those coming!)

I was thinking today that I often feel like I don’t accomplish much during the since I am a stay at home mom with two little kids. So I decided that today I would make a list of the things I did do today. They might not all seem like much, but it shows me that I did more than just survive the day.

Played outside with Roland and Little Monkey
Ordered and picked up pictures from Walgreens
Paid and dropped off the water bill at City Hall
Ran and emptied the dishwasher
Talked to Holly on the phone (quite a bit…that’s what happens when things are going on….)
Printed my BSF lesson and coupons for Open House
Cut the coupons for Open House
Helped Little Monkey work on cutting paper with scissors
Took the trash out, brought the trashcan back
Got the mail and read the paper
Played Candyland with Little Monkey
Fed Little Monkette…many times
Sent many emails with my sister about things regarding Open House
Sewed the buttons on the coffee cozies for Open House
Attempted to make a firecracker hair tie-it did not turn out how I planned
Actually cooked dinner for myself (granted it was a freezer meal that you just put in a pan for like 10 minutes, but still)
Fixed the font on our Christmas card that was partly cut off during printing
Read a lot of blogs

I’m sure I’m missing something…..but hey at least it appears a little productive. 🙂 And the night is still young. Who knows what else might get done….or not get done. 🙂

Alright—I had to update because there was more productivity.

Spent 31 minutes working out on WiiFit
Played some games on WiiSports with Little Monkey
Wrote a couple blogs
Cleaned up dinner


Wii Fit Working Out

July 8, 2009

I recently told you about how we bought ourselves the Wii Fit. I have been doing well and working out on it almost everyday. (I did not work out on it while I was away at the beach for the weekend though.) I try to either do a workout in the morning while Little Monkey watches and plays close by and then takes his own turn on the Wii Fit or while Little Monkey is napping. So far this has worked out rather well. I quickly found out that the little piggy bank gets excited and does a dance once you reach 30 minutes of workout time. Being the lame person that I am, I always now try to reach at least 30 minutes so that I can see him do his little dance.

I like to do the step class and Little Monkey loves watching me be a penguin (mostly because he likes to laugh when I fall in the water!). I am enjoying the working out so far and while it is not overly strenous, it is getting me moving some. I hope to get the new EA Sports Active game after the baby gets here to help get me back in shape! For now though this is working for getting me moving and my muscles are often sore afterwards! I will keep it up and I’m sure it will get better.

Time To Exercise

June 29, 2009

Last year we bought Wii Fit for my parents…and this year I decided to get us a Wii Fit. I turned on some of my “MyPoints” and also some of my “Swagbucks” for gift cards. Little Monkey was SO excited when I opened the box and he saw that we now own our own Wii Fit. He has played it many times before at my parents house and likes it. I was quite surprised to see that our Wii still retained all of my information and Wii Fit credits from when I played it with Mom and Dad’s on our Wii last year! I have lots of things already unlocked to play.

Little Monkey likes playing it and also likes watching me play it. I think he likes laughing at me the most! He really likes the penguin game but he hasn’t spent enough time on the Wii to earn it yet so he only gets to watch me play it! The first night we had it, everyone got on and did their basic testing. Big Monkey was not happy with the machine because it said that he was overweight (This is based on BMI) and that his Wii Fit age was 30. I don’t know if he will be getting back on it ever again! Little Monkey also did his test and was in the normal BMI range but his Wii Fit age was 28!! (He needs to work on his balance and control! I’m sure that is not easy for a three year old!)

I look forward to using the Wii Fit more (as long as I am able) to stay active and do exercises (some that certainly don’t seem like exercising) while I wait for the baby to arrive. I am also thinking about asking for the new Wii EA Sports Active game that came out to use to help get back in shape after the baby comes. I’ve heard it is a great workout and really meant for people who need to get in shape, not necessarily just lose weight.

Shoe! Ow! (This is often heard from Little Monkey while playing soccer!)

Shoe! Ow! (This is often heard from Little Monkey while playing soccer!)