New Learning

April 2, 2008

We have decided to try and add a little more structure to Little Monkey’s day and work more on teaching him some new things. He has already learned quite a bit of words; he amazes me everyday with what else he comes up with. I looked around the internet for some ideas of how we should introduce things to Little Monkey. I was happy to find a homeschool mom’s website that is filled with FREE information and step by step ideas for what to do. We are currently using her curriculum as a starting point. We started this week with the Preparatory Curriculum for ages 2-4. So far Little Monkey isn’t very into it but he will listen to a story and we can talk about things for short periods of time. We are only in week one of this program. I told my friend Holly about it and she is doing it with Wild Child. Wild Child is a little older than Little Monkey and already knows a lot of the stuff we’d be teaching. Holly is adding more things to her lessons for Wild Child. We’ll see how well the kids do. I’m hoping that Little Monkey will start to pick up on some of the stuff we’re learning.

Since talking about doing this with Little Monkey, (We’ve been discussing it for a couple of weeks.) I have had people ask us if we are planning to home school him. You may or may not know that Big Monkey was homeschooled through high school. (When people hear that, they sometimes seem to assume that we will home school Little Monkey.) I went through the public school system and I turned out okay (at least I’d like to think so!). We are not certain that we will or will not homeschool Little Monkey at this point. The public school system in the county that we live is not that great. There are a couple of schools that are good but we are not zoned for them. There is also the option of Charter schools, so that may be a possibility. We also have a few good private schools in our area but that would depend on the whether we can afford to put Little Monkey in one of those schools. Thankfully we still have a couple of years before we need to make this decision.