Resurrection Garden

April 7, 2012

Our Resurrection Garden

When Big Monkey was growing up, they had a Resurrection Garden for Easter. I had not heard of a Resurrection Garden until recently seeing them pop up on Pinterest.

GrandMom came to stay with the littles the other weekend and they planted a Resurrection Garden. Last night we had a lesson about it, added the crosses, put Jesus in the tomb and rolled the stone in front of the tomb. We asked the kids a few questions and I was impressed with what Little Monkette knew. Big Monkey asked if they knew what Jesus did on the cross. Little Monkette popped right up with, “died!” 🙂 We talked more about what Jesus did for us and why it was important. Then we let them know that on Sunday they could roll the stone away and Jesus shouldn’t be in the tomb anymore because that is when he was raised from the dead. Tomorrow, we will find Jesus is gone and talk again about the real meaning of Easter.



Lobster Love!

March 14, 2012

I have this friend….and he has this sister….who is now also my friend. Funny, I’ve known her, at least of her, for a long time, but we’ve never really hung out or chatted. She lives clear across the country, but thanks to blogs and a few (just a few) similarities, we are now real life friends too. She has this great husband and amazing little girl. They came to visit their family and invited us to come hang out with them while they were here. They took us with them to Animal Kingdom. The littles loved it. My Little Monkey and Little Monkette became fast friends with her little one. Little Monkey has asked if we can go to her house (I showed him a map and told him, maybe one day.).

I had planned to make her little one a dress earlier in the year and mail it, but it never got done…so I made it my mission to have it done by the time they got here for their visit. I also wanted to make something for her Momma K, which meant I couldn’t leave her Daddy C out either! But what on earth do you sew for a grown man?!?! I decided on a bowtie. K and C are eclectic and it is so fun (I hope you know I do mean this in a good way!). I thought Daddy C would love a fun bowtie. (Thankfully I was right, though he did have to learn how to tie it!) I made a matching headband for Momma K.

Sweet Love!

I made the little one a pillowcase dress and a headband to share with Momma K. I love how everything turned out and that they loved the gifts as well. (In fact, Momma K has asked for more headbands! I better get on that!)

Thanks to Momma K and Daddy C and little one for letting us hang out with you while you were here! I wish you lived here so we could hang out more often!!

Little Monkey, Goofy and Little Monkette

Agent P!

March 12, 2012

We got to meet Agent P at Platypus Day!

The Disney Channel has this fun show, Phineas and Ferb and Agent P (aka Perry the Platypus) is one of the stars. Radio Disney put on a special event for Platypus Day at the local mall. We managed to stop by on our way to another event that day and meet Agent P! He was lots of fun and danced around with Little Monkey and Little Monkette too! I wish Ferb had been there too (He’s my favorite) but one day I’ll get to meet him too I’m sure! 🙂

Cookie Decorating Day

December 30, 2011

At the beginning of December, Little Monkey had some friends over to have a cookie decorating day. We met one of the other families at a PKU event and another family online through Facebook. Turns out one of the families lives about 15 minutes down the road from us. We were very excited to all get together and decorate cookies and let the kids play.

We talked to our dietician and she was able to get us connected to a person at Cambrooke who generously sent us some wheat starch that we need to make the cookies. Wheat starch is the one odd ball ingredient in the cookie recipe and it isn’t cheap. We were thrilled that Cambrooke was happy to send us some for our little party.

Before the party we cooked up a bunch of cookies, decorated for Christmas and made aprons for each little guest. We also planned to make some cookies once the guests arrived so that we could show them the recipe. Little Monkey decided that we needed a sign in the yard so that people would know where to park. Mimi tried to convince him that wasn’t necessary but he wouldn’t give up. They ended up making a sign and putting it on the back of my car. While making that sign, they also made two signs for the door. Little Monkey did all the writing and then hung them up. Apparently this special animal tape was all he could find.

Welcome! 🙂

We set up two tables for cookie decorating but ended up only needing one. We used the other to collect all the finished cookies. We laid out all the aprons for the guests, but Little Monkey decided that just their first initial wouldn’t be enough. So he labeled each apron with their names too!

Appliqued aprons for the guests.

Once all the little chefs arrived, we had some pku friendly foods for everybody to eat. Once their bellies were filled up on good stuff, we got to the fun part! We pulled out all the cookies and lots of icing and some phe free decorations and let the kids go at it. It was a fun crazy time with lots of icing covered fingers and candies and cookies being eaten.

Concentrating on decorating cookies!

Even Little Monkette had fun decorating cookies (and eating them).

As cookies were decorated, we moved them over to the other table to make room for more decorating. Each family had their own section and we filled up some cute storage buckets with all their creations and more undecorated cookies to take home. We’ve been enjoying snacking on our cookies for most of the month. Amazingly, the cookies keep pretty well. We also took a plate of cookies to Little Monkey’s nurse and deitician. They shared the cookies with the office and everyone was surprised at how yummy the cookies tasted. (Lo pro foods have a bad rep for not tasting too great.)

A small collection of the decorated cookies!

A great time was had by everyone and we hope to have another cooking day in the new year. Our deitician has also asked us to consider putting together an event for our entire clinic (pku patients and families) next year. By the time Christmas comes around, the new Nemours Hospital should be open and they are going to have a big teaching kitchen that we could use to hold our event!


Our Christmas Card

December 16, 2011

A big thanks to Shutterfly again this year. They let me do a review of their site and give away some free cards. In exchange for my post, I was given some free cards of my own. I used them to get this year’s Christmas card. I was planning for a picture of our whole family again but we just didn’t find a good time or place to take a picture. I ended up taking a few pictures of the kids one day while we were at the Magic Kingdom. They were doing some filming for the Christmas Day Parade, so we weren’t able to find the big tree or many other Christmas decorations without lots of television cameras and gear around. We did find one tree up in the train station though so we decided to use it. I took a handful of pictures and then used the best one out of those.

Merry Christmas from the Monkeys to you!

I love how they are cuddled together and holding hands! Little Monkey and Little Monkette are so sweet together…most of the time! 🙂

Merry Christmas to you!

Kids Fun Run

November 5, 2011

Last week the kids and I went to a food truck event in Ocoee. While we were there, the nice lady from Chick-fil-a let us know that today there was going to be a 5k and Kids Fun Run. I basically brushed off the idea because it meant getting up early and driving over there. I certainly wasn’t going to run in the 5k (seeing that I haven’t been running since July!). A few days before the event, we found out the Big Monkey was going to be working on the day of the race. I asked Little Monkey if he wanted to go run in the race or go build something at Home Depot. He said, “I’ll make you a deal. We can run the race and go to Home Depot after.” Smart boy…and while it was probably a possibility, I figured one was enough. He decided that he wanted to do the race. I registered them both online and prepped them Friday night for an early wake up today. They both did great. We got up, had breakfast and got in the car. We got to the race while the 5k was still going on, so we got our stuff for the kids race and cheered for the 5k runners/walkers.

Wearing their shirts and bib numbers!

When the race was about to start all the kids lined up under the balloon arch. I told Little Monkey that he needed to hold onto Little Monkette until they crossed through the start line and the crowd dissipated some. After that I would be right there to help Little Monkette get to the finish line and he could run off and finish ahead of us. I told him to cross the finish line, get his ‘medal’ and wait next to the fire rescue truck (right next to the finish line). He was a great big brother holding onto his sister!

We're ready to run!

When the countdown began, I was waiting on the other side of the start line to get a pic of them. It was so cute…off they went.  Little Monkey was holding Little Monkette’s hand but trying to get her to go faster.

Come on Little Monkette!!!!

I told Little Monkey that he was free to finish the race and wait for us. He took off! Little Monkette ran/walked/ran. I tried running with her, ahead of her and cheering her on. There were so many people watching and cheering and everyone thought she was so cute. A long line of spectators and volunteers started cheering and putting their hands out for a high five. She didn’t know what to do but figured it out. She was so cute giving them all high fives!

High Five!!!

Eventually we got right up to the finish line and she got her ‘medal’ (a lanyard with a Chick-fil-a cow clipped on!) and goodie bag. She was so excited to see that Little Monkey finished and got a medal too!

We finished!! 🙂

After the race we enjoyed walking through the craft vendors and riding a few carnival rides (thanks to the free ride tickets the kids got in their goodie bags!). The kids got the shirts, the ‘medals,’ stickers, pencils, free face painting, carnival rides, water, etc all for FREE! It was a great event and I’m glad we decided to give it a go. Little Monkey was very excited to show his ‘medal’ to his Mimi. He says he wants to do it again. Looks like we’ll be trying to find some more short kid fun runs! Thanks to Ocoee Founders’ Day Event and Chick-fil-a for a great free family day!

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

November 2, 2011

Little Monkey won tickets again this year from Radio Disney to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! Big Monkey ended up having to work, so I asked Little Monkey who he wanted to invite to go with us. His first pick was Mimi and his second pick was Uncle K. Uncle K ended up buying one more ticket so that Aunt S could come along too. She REALLY wanted to go.

We headed over to the park a little early because your party ticket (7pm-12midnight) can actually get you in starting at 4pm! We got to ride quite a few rides before the actual party began. Little Monkey loved having everyone come with us. This year, Little Monkette was tall enough to ride on the race cars. She LOVED it, so much so, we had to make her get out when it was over. Lucky for her we were able to go on the ride again later.

Little Monkette and Mimi on the race cars.

Just before the candy started flowing, we took a ride on the carousel. Little Monkette enjoy it as well. We had to wait awhile for the ride and she kept telling her horse to giddy up! Little Monkey liked it too and when the ride ended he was stuck WAY high in the air on his horse!

One Happy Cowboy! (and one blurry pic!)

Getting candy was one of the fun parts of the night. Little Monkey was very good about spotting the balloons that let us know where the candy was. We filled our bags up over the course of the evening, some even twice! (Little Monkey brought me his first full bag and said, “Mom can I dump this in your backpack so I can start over?” I let him and he was so excited.) He and Little Monkette loved eating the candy. Little Monkey was very good about trading out candy he knew he couldn’t have. After gathering quite a bit of candy, we had the kids pose for some pictures in their homemade costumes. It took some bribing for Little Monkette to wear her hat but Mimi did a great job offering her candy to wear it. She finally agreed and we got some good pictures. 🙂

My Jessie and Woody!

Thanks to a nice family, we managed to snag some great seats to watch the parade. It was so much fun to watch the parade through Little Monkette’s eyes. She loved it! She kept leaning under the rope to see what was coming next. I had to keep pulling her back to make sure she didn’t trip any of the performers! At the end of the parade they handed out Mickey head lollipops. Little Monkette immediately wanted to eat one. Since she still needed to wear her costume on Halloween, we changed her shirt in an effort to try and keep it clean (She had already gotten some candy mess on it!).

We rode a few more rides while waiting for the fireworks, including a second trip on the teacups! Both Little Monkey and Little Monkette loved it. I was so surprised!

She looks a little nervous but she was loving it!

We watched the fireworks from the bridge and then decided another ride or two might be in order to avoid the massive amounts of people that were leaving the park. Just before leaving the park, we waited to meet Buzz and take pictures with him. (We tried to take some pictures with Woody and Jessie at their dance party  but it wasn’t really happening.) We found our way back out of the park and to our cars. I was certain the kids would be out almost immediately from all the walking and craziness of the day. I was WRONG! They were awake all the way to Mimi’s house and then almost all the way home. I could hardly believe it. We got home around 11:30p and they went right to bed. Much to my amazement they both got up very easily in the morning to head to school.

Thanks again Radio Disney AM 990 for giving away tickets for the party (They have no clue I’m writing this…it was not a requirement of winning…We just wanted to tell you all about our fun time and say thanks!)