Giveaway Prize Ideas?

December 21, 2009

Over here, I posted about hosting a contest on my blog. I still haven’t decided what to give away as the prize to the person who is the 1,000 comment writer. I thought it would be a great idea to ask you what would be a great giveaway item. Now I could say I’d give you an iPhone or a Flip Camera…but seriously people I don’t even own either one of those items and the companies that make those products have not offered me those items to give to you either. So let’s be a little more realistic. Take the poll below for what you think the prize should be. No promises that the winning vote will be what is given away, but maybe it will give me some ideas. Feel free to enter your own idea too. (Answering the poll does not count as a comment towards the prize either, but feel free to also comment on this post as that will get us closer to 1,000 comments!


I’m Not Surprised!

July 29, 2009

Yesterday I was reading the news online and I must say that I was not at all surprised to find this article.

Big spenders tend to marry big savers, researchers find

I have to say that I think this is very true. I would say that it is true with Big Monkey and myself. You can probably guess which of us is which. I also believe this to be true with my mom and dad and also my brother-in-law and his wife.

So, in your relationship, do one of you represent the Big Spender and the other the Big Saver?

In This Day?

January 19, 2009

Over the weekend, Big Monkey, Little Monkey, GrandMom and I went to the grocery store to pick up some items we needed for dinner. We parked the car and as we are getting out, we notice a car that had two kids and a dog in it. The windows were cracked and it wasn’t an overly hot day out, but come on…you don’t live kids or animals in the car, alone, EVER. We discussed what to do and Big Monkey was not wanting to talk to the parents (I agree because you never know what they might do.) The only other option was to call the cops, which we weren’t feeling 100% good about doing either. So we stood close by and kept an eye on the car. GrandMom even went over and talked to the kids. They said that their parents were in the grocery store. The little girl (probably 7ish) said that she was getting very hot. Another few minutes of chatting and we could have likely gotten the kids to open the door. Within a few minutes, the parents showed up with another child and a cartful of groceries. GrandMom was still right next to the car and the Dad asked if he could help her with anything (In a rather rude tone). She said that she was simply staying with his kids to make sure that they were alright since they shouldn’t have been left in the car alone. The Dad didn’t say anything and just looked ticked off that we involved ourselves in the situation. But seriously…in this day especially, who leaves their kids in the car alone. We probably could have gotten them out easily and been gone. And then how would that Dad feel? If he learned anything for our putting our noses in his business, I hope that he doesn’t leave his kids in the car again. I do wonder though if we made the right choice. Should we have just called the cops? What would you do if you saw kids locked in a car (even if the windows are partly rolled down)?

We Need Your Ideas-

January 11, 2009

Twice this week, that we are aware of, the Jehovah’s Witnesses came to our house. Not the same people both days but two days in a row. And it appears that they only come to our house and then either go to another street or leave the neighborhood altogether. We did not answer the door either time that they came but yet they seem to be persistant. Amos barks like crazy at them but they just stand at the door and knock a time or two and then leave. This week they didn’t leave us a copy of “The WatchTower,” as they have previously.

Here is the deal. We want to be nice but we want them to leave us alone. No need in wasting their time or ours. What is the best way to handle this situation?

Computer Issues

July 15, 2008

So you may recall the issues I’ve been having with my computer…and if not…well there are lots of posts telling you all about it.

The past few days my power cord has been very finicky. The cord has to be laying just so or it is not thinking it is plugged in and should be charging. My battery only lasts about 45 minutes, if that. I figured I would just buy a new power cord and not try and deal with HP even though it should be covered on my warranty. Today the screen pops up saying that my battery is crap (which we already knew but now it’s worse). When I sent it to HP originally my battery was “good.” When it came back, my battery now read “fair.” Today my battery reads “poor” and when I run the battery test, it says that I need to replace it. Then it says it might be covered by my warranty. And then it states “Just Kidding It’s probably not!” due to the age of my battery, it is not covered by my warranty. So are batteries not covered for the entire year, or did they give me some otherĀ  battery that was already crappy?

And now the dilemma of do I call and even bother with HP about the battery and cord or suck it up and buy a new one? I have been waiting since the end of May for my card reader to be sent to me since they “forgot” to reinstall it before shipping it back. The latest update on that was when they called me the day it was supposed to be here at the latest and told me it wasn’t going to make it but that I should have it on or before July 24th. So I need some input…what should I do about this situation?? You have until 8am Friday morning to cast your vote!