Back To School Teacher Gift

August 23, 2012

We thought it would be a nice gesture to start the school year off with a gift for the teacher. Unfortunately, I started thinking about what it would be a little too late, so I didn’t do what I really wanted to. We did buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and decided to add the teacher’s initial and Little Monkey picked out a flower to add to it. A little bit of cutting on the Cricut and the gift was done. Nice and quick and we know it will get used! The teacher was grateful for the gift and surprised at the personal touch.

Personalized bottle of hand sanitizer

Little Monkey–The First Grade Edition

August 21, 2012

This week, Little Monkey headed back to school for his first day of first grade. He was very excited to go to his new class. We discovered that he doesn’t have any friends from his last class in his class this year but he says he will make new friends.

Standard pictures for back to school. 🙂 Little Monkette had to check up on her big brother!

After getting Little Monkey to his class, Little Monkette didn’t want to leave him! She’s been begging all summer for him to go back to school but then wouldn’t leave him there. She wanted to color a picture like all the other kids were doing. Once I got her back home, she was okay with him being at school until we were at the gym. He was only gone three hours and she was ready to have him back home again! She does love her brother!

When we were back at the house, I thought it would be fun to do a line up of the first day of school for the past three years. It is amazing to see how much he has grown!

3 years of First Days of School

I am excited to line up 13 years of first days for him! So far he likes first grade but says they eat lunch really late. He is glad that they get to have a snack in class.

Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 5

May 12, 2012

For Friday, it was suggested that you send in anything special for the teacher that you wanted to. Little Monkey’s class was going on a field trip so I thought a nice refreshing treat after the field trip would be great. Thanks to sending in our teacher questionnaire at the beginning of school, we knew that Little Monkey’s teacher’s favorite drink was a Slurpee! Not an answer I was expecting to see on the paper, but a fun one for sure! We picked up a $5 gift card to 7-11 and attached it to the straw of an empty Slurpee cup. Little Monkey also picked out some flowers for his teacher to put in her pencil vase from the first day of school. (She has kept it at school all year and we have sent in flowers three times now to fill it.)

Once again I forgot to get a picture of Little Monkey with his presents. He had to be at school an hour early to go on the field trip, so we were a little pressed for time! The week after Teacher Appreciation Week, Little Monkey received a very nice handwritten letter from his teacher thanking him for all of his very thoughtful gifts during the week.

Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 4

May 11, 2012

For Day 4, it was suggested that we send in a candy bar for the teacher. Little Monkey’s teacher’s favorite candy bar is just plain chocolate. We picked up a Hershey bar for her at the store and found the printable below to wrap around it (Nothing But Country). Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Little Monkey with the candy bar.

Candy Bar Wrapper

Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 3

May 10, 2012

For Day 3 of Teacher Appreciation week, it was suggested that we bring in some sort of baked good, either homemade or store bought. Since we had been going to the gym a lot, doing the 24 day challenge, we were trying to keep baked goods out of the house. We picked up some small chocolate chip cookies (Little Monkey’s teacher’s favorite cookies) from Target’s bakery and put them into a ziploc bag. I found some clip art of a chocolate chip cookie and added the sentence, “Thanks for making me into a smart cookie.” We printed the label on card stock and stapled it to the top of the ziploc bag.

Little Monkey’s Cookie present

Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 2

May 9, 2012

Tuesday’s Teacher Appreciation idea was to send in flowers, either real or fake. Little Monkey and I decided to make his teacher some flower pens. I was able to get the supplies I needed at the Dollar Tree. We picked out some pretty lilies, Little Monkey’s teacher’s favorite flower. A little bit of floral tape and wrapping around the pens and they were ready for a pot of soil, or in our case, pinto beans.

Flower pens in flower pot

We added a little circle printable to the front of the flower pot. I found the printable (FREE!) at Skip To My Lou. She has it so that you can change the name to your student and then print it out! It says, ‘Thank you for helping XXXX grow.’

Teacher Appreciation Week-Day 1

May 8, 2012

It is that time again!! Teacher Appreciation Week! Sorry I didn’t get these up sooner to help you with ideas for your teacher but there are tons of ideas out there! Our PTA sent home an idea sheet for something to send in each day:
Monday-A hand written note/card by the parent or student
Tuesday-Flowers, real or fake
Wednesday-A baked good, store bought or homemade
Thursday- Teacher’s favorite candy
Friday-Anything special you want to send in
I decided to work with the ideas and try to send something that corresponded each day.

Day 1 Little Monkey made a hand written note for his teacher. He also designed and colored the picture on the front.

Front of the card-Little Monkey and his teacher

Inside of card

(Edited to add: I went in to Little Monkey’s classroom near the end of the school year to help with craft day and found this card still taped on his teacher’s door!)

Check back later this week for more of our Teacher Appreciation gifts! 🙂

Need some ideas before then? Check out the posts of what we did last year for Little Monkey’s PreK teachers!

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