My Take: Kindle Case

July 14, 2012

A while ago, how long is a while anyhow, maybe close to a year ago even….my friend Holly asked me to make her a case for her Kindle. I pinned several ideas on Pinterest and let her see. She said she trusted me to just make something for her that would work. I have been borrowing my Grandma’s Kindle so I was able to check the measurements and see that it fits well. I decided to go with the tutorial for the kindle sleeve below that I found at Johnny In A Dress.

Johnny In A Dress’ Kindle Case

Since it is summer, I picked out some fun bright colors and followed the tutorial. I really like how it came out and it was pretty easy to make. The tutorial has you make to separate pouches and then connect them. I think I could also use our method of making gadget cozies and it would have worked out faster. I also used a hair tie for the elastic this time (following the tutorial) but it was very hard to sew over with my machine.

Finished case

It isn’t perfect but I’m pretty sure Holly will still love it. I liked being able to finally sew something simply because I had the time and I wanted to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Usually I”m sewing shop orders so this was a nice change of pace!

A peek inside!

And who knows…maybe we’ll make some more of these to add to the shop…if I get the urge to just sew something because I want to! I hope Holly does like it and will forgive my taking forever it get it done!


Ready to Meet Little Brother!

April 5, 2012

When a friend of mine found out that she was having a little boy this time around, she called me and asked if I could make new shirts for the girls. You may recall this set of onesies I made for her girls before baby girl two came along. Of course I accepted and we talked about what she wanted. We found the blue shirts at Wal-mart and then she picked out the fabric to go with it.

Little boy tried to come early on her and she posted on her Facebook page about being in the hospital with contractions. I told him that he wasn’t allowed to come yet because I hadn’t finished the shirts yet and I was out of town!! Lucky for me, he listened! It was probably a good thing too because he was going to be a bit early. When I got back home, I got to work on the shirts for his big sisters and the onesie for him.

Big Sister Shirts and Little Brother Onesie

They all turned out great and their momma loves them. So now baby boy can feel free to show up anytime. And by now I’m sure his mom would be thrilled! Can’t wait to meet the new little addition and see everybody in their matching shirts!


I’ve Been Crafting

March 27, 2012

I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately….mostly because I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and really write anything. Part of that could be do to some of the projects I have been working on. I have made many projects over the past few months and I haven’t been able to share them all with you. I thought I’d share them in one big picture post instead of a bunch of smaller ones, so here goes!

First up is the Lobster Bow Tie and matching Lobster Headband that you may have seen posted on the Lobster Love post.

Lobster Bow Tie

Lobster Headband

Next up was the Cupcake Birthday style headband I also gave K and her daughter H.

Cupcake Headband

This elephant onesie was a special order. We have made some before and even have it available in our shop to order.

Special Order Elephant

This ‘m’ onesie was another special order. I love making initials and picking out the fabrics for these types of orders. I imagine the recipients also love these gifts. I know I liked getting personalized gifts for my littles!

Special Order 'm'

Someone requested this special order of A House Divided onesie. They even ordered two, maybe to have one to grow into? ๐Ÿ™‚ I am ready for football season to start back up, but of course we have all summer to wait!

Special Order A House Divided Football

This is the pillowcase style Rock n Roll dress I made for K’s daughter H. When I saw the bandanas at Wal-mart, the fabric just spoke to me that it would be perfect for her!

Rock n Roll Pillowcase Style Dress

I have a few more projects hanging around and hopefully I’ll get those done, photographed and uploaded for you to see! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lobster Love!

March 14, 2012

I have this friend….and he has this sister….who is now also my friend. Funny, I’ve known her, at least of her, for a long time, but we’ve never really hung out or chatted. She lives clear across the country, but thanks to blogs and a few (just a few) similarities, we are now real life friends too. She has this great husband and amazing little girl. They came to visit their family and invited us to come hang out with them while they were here. They took us with them to Animal Kingdom. The littles loved it. My Little Monkey and Little Monkette became fast friends with her little one. Little Monkey has asked if we can go to her house (I showed him a map and told him, maybe one day.).

I had planned to make her little one a dress earlier in the year and mail it, but it never got done…so I made it my mission to have it done by the time they got here for their visit. I also wanted to make something for her Momma K, which meant I couldn’t leave her Daddy C out either! But what on earth do you sew for a grown man?!?! I decided on a bowtie. K and C are eclectic and it is so fun (I hope you know I do mean this in a good way!). I thought Daddy C would love a fun bowtie. (Thankfully I was right, though he did have to learn how to tie it!) I made a matching headband for Momma K.

Sweet Love!

I made the little one a pillowcase dress and a headband to share with Momma K. I love how everything turned out and that they loved the gifts as well. (In fact, Momma K has asked for more headbands! I better get on that!)

Thanks to Momma K and Daddy C and little one for letting us hang out with you while you were here! I wish you lived here so we could hang out more often!!

Little Monkey, Goofy and Little Monkette

Crochet Needle Clutch

March 1, 2012

A while back, my mom asked me to make her two crochet needle clutches, one for her and one for a friend of ours. I told her I would do it…it took awhile but I finally sat down and looked at the tutorial to figure it out. I used this tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets. It was pretty easy to follow and I used her measurements for all the inside pockets because I didn’t have any crochet needles to base the size from.

Crochet Needle Clutch

Above is the clutch closed up (not the best photo….sorry!) Below is the clutch opened up! It just need some crochet needles and other crochet accessories.

Inside-awaiting crochet needles

It wasn’t perfect…but not too bad for my first try. I think the second one was a little bit better, but I forgot to take pictures of it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Four Seasons Towels

December 29, 2011

I found this idea on Pinterest–they were sold in an Etsy shop that is now closed until July.ย  I decided to use the photo as inspiration for my own set of towels.

Water4Christmas Etsy Shop 4 Seasons Towels

I did some free hand drawing (I’m not very good at that…) and cut out the trees from two different brown fabrics I had on hand. Then I picked out some fabrics to use for the leaves and just made an ovalish type shape. I ironed them onto the flour cloth towels I bought (Walmart $2 for 2 towels) and then stitched around the edges. I usually sew just about EVERYTHING with white thread but this time picked out colors closer to the fabrics I was using. These were all threads I had on hand too. My four seasons tree towels are similar to the ones I found on Pinterest but also a little bit different. I really like how they turned out.

Four Seasons Towels

As I was making them, I thought….I need to make myself a set of these! This set was given to my grandparents. My Grandma C really liked them and said that she didn’t want to use them, but just put them out for display. I assured her that they were meant to be used and could be washed and dried in the washer and dryer.

Christmas Card Display

December 14, 2011

Each year we have displayed our Christmas cards in a different way. One year we lined them all up on our bar counter top and another year we taped them onto our mirror in the dining room. This year I decided that I would make something to hang them from.

The red, yellow, green and blue streamers were still up from Little Monkette’s birthday party, so I decided we should probably take them down. I still had some streamers, so I headed over to the sewing machine with the red and green streamers. I used the same technique that I did with the streamers for Little Monkette’s party. Basically you make a long stitch on a very high top thread tension and it make them ruffle. After running together a LOT of streamers I decided there was enough.

I hung the streamers with a few twists in them on our mirror. I added a few curls of ribbon along both ends. To hang the Christmas cards, I just took some clothespins that I had on hand and colored them with a marker to make them red and green.

Our Christmas Card Display

I like how it turned out and added some festive color to the dining room. If you have sent us a Christmas card, you are up there somewhere! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure how well the streamers may keep in the attic for a year, but I’m considering trying to store them. They don’t cost much time or money to make though, so I could make another set next year.